Anthony Head & Alexander Vlahos | Cardiff Comic Con 2013

These dudes are just the most likable people you’ll ever meet. Very sweet to their fans, very entertaining and funny as talkers. They told us about the difficulty of riding horses backwards, about filming in France, about their character’s motives and arcs,

and about which character aside from their own they’d like to play on Merlin:

"Gaius, cause he’s the go-to guy. Whenever something goes wrong they’re all just ‘let’s ask Gaius’. And he has the weirdest bits of dialogue", says Alex.

"The Dragon would be fun to play", says Anthony and they both burst into giggles, mimicking the wings, saying that that one needs a big-ass trailer.

They also talked about Rupert being the funniest, Eoin being the laziest and Colin being the most hard-working member of the cast. All this very lovingly - “it was a wonderful, warm and loving group of people”.

Fun fact: Anthony and Alex had never met before Cardiff Comic Con. They never happened to be on set at the same time while filming Merlin.

Oh and.. I must apologize for the quality of these photos. I wouldn’t have any negative feedback to give to this amazing event if it weren’t for the lights on the main talk stage. Next year: just a couple of spots, please.